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Belkasoft Certification Training

INsig2 Education center, Zagreb, Croatia
June 3 - 5, 2019

In cooperation with Belkasoft, INsig2 is organizing digital forensic training called "Belkasoft Certification Training".

The training will take place at INsig2 Education center at the address: Buzinska cesta 58, 10010 Zagreb, Croatia, from June 3 till 5, 2019.

Through lecture, instructor-led demonstrations, and practical exercises the Belkasoft course will prepare participants identify, acquire, analyze and report on electronic/mobile artifacts utilizing the Evidence Center Platform. During course activities and exercises, participants will demonstrate the ability to perform forensically sound investigations and efficiently analyze digital artifacts pertaining to items of evidentiary value. Throughout the course, participants will discuss procedures used on the identification, acquisition, analysis, and reporting of electronic media for courtroom presentation. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to draft an effective report on findings detailing the analysis process.


1. Introduction (1 hour)
2. BEC Overview (2 hours)
3. BEC User Interface (2.5 hours)
4. BEC Workflow (3 hours)
5. Search Techniques (4 hours)
6. Multimedia Analysis (3 hours)
7. Advanced Analysis (3 hours)
8. BEC Reporting (1 hour)
9. BEC Certification Exam (3 hours)

You can apply for the course at until May 30, 2019 with your contact details: name, organization, email address and contact number. 

Price of the course is $1.950,00. (VAT is not included). The price includes all printed materials for the course and refreshments during coffee breaks.

A prerequisite for attending this course is a basic knowledge of digital forensic investigations.

We're looking forward to seeing you!