NEWS / Canadian Constellation Software took over the IN2 Group
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Canadian Constellation Software took over the IN2 Group

Constellation Software took over IN2 group but not INsig2

Constellation Software Inc. announced on Friday, January 5th 2018, that its wholly-owned division Vela Operating Group and its subsidiary Aquila Software has acquired Croatian company IN2 Group. Since its inception in 1992, the IN2 Group has grown to 200 million annual revenues and 650 employees, with subsidiaries in seven countries. The main goal of this ownership transformation is to ensure continuous growth of the IN2 Group, not just in the regional but also in the global market.

Because of the specific nature of its activity, INsig2 was not a part of this big takeover and will continue its operations as a leader in the field of integrated security and digital forensics as an independent Croatian company in the same ownership as so far.
For INsig2, now a former IN2 group member, and its clients and partners, this separation from IN2 Group will not cause any changes or affect the excellent performance of the company achieved so far.

To our former colleagues and dear friends from IN2 Group we wish a lot of success and prosperity in this new business stage!