System segments

By following the latest technologies, INsig2 is implementing the latest solutions in all aspects of technical protection.

INsig2 offers solutions that combine a variety of security systems such as access controls by applying biometrics of fingerprint or iris, video surveillance with intelligent video analytics, perimeter protection with precise detection of the point of intrusion into the protected zone, alarm control, incident response and similar.

INsig2 is implementing security solutions to protect people and property, regardless of whether it is about the safety of the premises, manufacturing plant or object of interest.

INsig2 technical protection solutions include the following segments:

a)  Access Control

  • User rights and identity management
  • Access management
  • Preparation of access cards
  • Biometrics
  • Mustering (evacuation control to a safe location)

b)  Video Surveillance

  • Video analytics
  • Thermal imaging
  • ANPR

c) Anti-theft protection

d) Perimeter Protection

e) Control Centers

  • Incident Management