ABOUT DataFocus

As one form of our efforts to promote digital forensic discipline and to inform all interested parties in the region about new trends in digital forensic field, INsig2 has organized a conference about digital evidence and digital forensics called DataFocus for the last five years (in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016). Conference is aimed both for lawyers involved in digital cases that include digital evidences and investigators whose everyday’ job are digital forensic investigations.

In our opening year in 2012 we had about 100 attendants from the region of Southeast Europe. In 2013 we had about 150 attendants from the same region. Every year the number of visitors is increasing, and last year we had 220 participants.

DataFocus is one-day conference and it is organized in two tracks - legal track aimed for lawyers dealing with digital evidences in criminal cases and investigators track aimed for police investigators who are involved in digital investigations on daily basis.

During the conference, we organize exhibition where our technology partners present their product portfolio. There were some leading companies participating on DataFocus exhibition, such as: AccessData, AMPED Software, Belkasoft, Blue Bear, Cellebrite, ElcomSoft, Guidance Software, Magnet Forensics, Micro Systemation, Nuix and Oxygen Forensics.

The fourth part of the conference are very popular Workshops where registered participants have the opportunity to view and test the latest products from the field of digital forensic.

INsig2 is organizing DataFocus2017 for the sixth time, on 4th April 2017, in Zagreb and this year we expect 250 participants mostly from our neighbouring countries, but also from Europe and even some countries outside Europe.

DataFocus2017 is a free of cost conference solely with organizers invitation and will be held in hotel Sheraton in Zagreb. 


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