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Another ERA seminar with INsig2 lecture

ERA The Academy of European Law, 12th November 2015, Bucharest, Romania

This year ERA The Academy of European Law is conducting a project called “Relying on Electronic Evidence in Criminal Cases”. This project, mainly sponsored by the European Commission, consists of three seminars that are taking place in Lisbon, Riga and Bucharest.

After a very successful seminar in Riga, where INsig2 forensics expert Damir Delija held a presentation on "Collecting and processing electronic evidence and the essential difference between evidence and “traditional” forms of evidence", last seminar was held on 12th November 2015 Bucharest.

This time INsig2 General Director, Goran Oparnica, held a presentation called “What to do and what not to do during criminal investigations when electronic evidence is involved”.

A special focus was on specific legal and technical considerations for all players in the criminal justice system in handling electronic evidence; judges, prosecutors, lawyers in private practice and ministry officials active in the field of EU criminal law.

The Academy of European Law is a non-profit public foundation that provides training in European law to legal practitioners. Its patrons include most EU member states and it is supported by the EU.