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Cyberforensics - the game has changed

INsig2 will give an interesting lecture at Secure & Tech conference

INsig2 forensics expert and head of digital forensics department, Krešimir Hausknecht, will hold a lecture entitled "Cyber Forensics - Game Changed" at the Secure & Tech Conference on December 15th, 2017.

This one-day conference is organized by HGKtech, the IT association's platform at the Croatian Chamber of Economy for promotion of technological development and digitization. Conference Secure & Tech 2017 under the slogan "Security Information Challenges" is an event about future and current security information challenges. The central theme is the interdependence of regulation and IT and how it affects business. The goal is to tackle on future technologies and tools that will help us in data protection.

A summary of INsig2 lecture " Cyberforensics - the game has changed ", scheduled for 10:40 am;
In today’s modern world, every day we can see news of new cyber-attacks or hacking attacks happening all over the world. It can easily be concluded that the conventional security solutions such as IPS, IDS, FW and similar are failing and that there is a shift from targeting the infrastructure towards targeting the individual. Methods being used are no longer conventional “hacking” techniques but more and more fishing, vishing, human-hacking and social engineering attacks that have proven to be more successful. When the attack happens, investigation part has a complete new aspect that requires specialized knowledge and attention. Here is the part where we have the new emerging skill set and approach of Cyberforensics.

Join us at Secure & Tech 2017!