Digital Forensics

No matter how much we invest in security there is no guarantee that information system shall be completely secure.

However, INsig2 decreases such danger to the lowest possible level by introducing computer forensics systems and providing advice about its utilization.


Computer forensics is defined as gathering, protection and analysis of evidences in digital form as well as their presentation as material evidence in later court procedures. In cooperation with the leading forensics software companies, INsig2 experts implement computer forensics systems, equip and setup forensics laboratories and provide profession education.


Such approach to computer forensics allows our clients easier investigation of attacks on computer systems by monitoring work of all company’s computers and recording exchange of electronic documents in great detail. By using different platforms, users are able to image a computer disk that is under investigation and to search it according to specific traces of an operative system and key words (as opposed to normal search by key words, different tools allow searching for deleted files, unallocated disc space, temporary files, swap files, File Slack, resident files in Master File Table, as well as .zip or similar files). Furthermore, automatic reporting is also available. The generated repots can be presented as evidence documentation.


Upon implementation of different solution platform, the company INsig2 became a key reference for computer forensics in Croatia and in the Region. 



There are a lot of new sources of knowledge for digital forensics, they can be formal like professional organizations and academic institutions and informal ones like internal knowledge of one's own company, resources available on Internet, professio ...


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Law enforcement

Prosecutors, judges and lawyers are in the group of people that are increasingly in contact with digital evidence in criminal proceedings in their everyday life.


Private sector

In public sector, certain level of knowledge and competences in the domain of digital forensics is needed for everyone coming in contact with criminal investigations including digital evidence.


Consulting Services

Consulting services are the most efficient help for client in the moment when it is needed the most.


Competition protection

Effective competition means equal participation of all participants in the market that will bring economic growth, innovations, employment, development of enterprises and competitiveness.



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