SERVICES / INsig2 actively participated on ERA Cybercrime Mock Trial!
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INsig2 actively participated on ERA Cybercrime Mock Trial!

On 25th and 26th of April, our digital forensic expert Davorka Topolčić participated Cybercrime Mock Trial, organized by ERA (Academy of European Law) in Trier in Germany.

This event is the first event of that kind, a practice-oriented exercise of a legal procedure that is the actual enactment of a fictitious cybercrime case. Participation in the trial provides the participants with an insider's perspective from which to learn about the application of substantive and procedural cybercrime rules. Davorka participated the event and a Mock Trial as a member of the defense team, in a role of digital forensic expert, whose valuable knowledge was used to cross-examine a forensic expert witness at the court in order to discover potential mistakes and irregularities during his digital forensic investigation. The conference was very successful with an excellent feedback from all the participants since they saw cybercrime trial from an entirely new perspective, and gained new knowledge about the law, rules and regulations in other European countries and their legislative systems.