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INsig2 experts held a training in Guidance Software

As a result of long and fruitful cooperation and partnership, American company Guidance Software hosted two digital forensic experts from INsig2 in their headquarters in Pasadena.

Last week two digital forensic specialists from INsig2 traveled to Pasadena, California. Based on a previous good business relations, INsig2 experts held Train the Trainers course for the Guidance Software trainers in order to show them new trends in teaching and training delivery.

INsig2 is the only company that provides this kind of special training named “Train the Trainers for Digital Forensic Specialists”. The 36-hour program course of instructions is designed to help digital forensic professionals to prepare and deliver training and improve their knowledge and skills. We follow the trends and renew our materials, always trying to keep up with the progress and changes in the world of digital forensic.

Based on the positive feedback obtained by GSI team, we hope that with this training we have contributed to the continuation of good and successful cooperation with one of the global leaders in the digital forensic field.