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INsig2 grows SUMURI business in Europe

TALINO, PALADIN, RECON and CARBON are taking all the attention!

The interest for innovative digital forensic hardware and software tools is growing and a new alternative on the market is always welcomed by the industry professionals.

SUMURI's digital forensic hardware line is getting the attention because of its excellent performance and intuitive built. SUMURI's software line is mostly recognized because of their free version of PALADIN software that has been recognized among the European law enforcement. However, SUMURI offers another two amazing software, RECON and CARBON. RECON for Mac OS X offers the fastest way to conduct Mac forensic investigations. It automates what an experienced examiner would need weeks to accomplish in minutes.

On the other side, CARBON is a revolutionary new product in computer forensics market. It instantly virtualizes any PC, eliminating the need for disassembly and imaging thus greatly reducing triage and investigation time.

European law enforcement professionals will have the opportunity to hear more about INsig2 portfolio at the upcoming events and demo presentations, organized with the contribution of INsig2 growing partner network.

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