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INsig2 is training American police investigators

INsig2´s digital forensics experts began with the two-week training of American police investigators in US

Training is a part of international conference IACIS 2015 that brings together digital forensic experts from around the world. This conference is organized by the organization IACIS.

After years of gathering and collecting knowledge and experience, INsig2 has decided to create its own specialized training program for digital forensic investigators. The quality of this program has been recognized by investigators from all around the world. During the two-week training, American forensic investigators will not only improve their own knowledge and skills, but will also learn how to effectively pass on knowledge and experience, that they gained working for police, to their colleagues. This particular training program is just a part of a comprehensive education process, intended for digital forensics experts, that was created by INsig2 in its 10 years in digital forensics.  

"Conducting a training attended by international experts in digital forensics is just another confirmation of our expertise backed by long and hard work, and our own continuous improvement. This training is fully tailored to client’s requirements. The emphasis is on the part that associates with better organization and efficiency of digital forensic investigations, as well as an understanding of the principles of adult learning."- Said Davorka Foit from INsig2, head of the two-week training program in the United States.