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INsig2 LawTech Europe Congress 2015

From 26th to 27th October 2015, Managment Centre Europe in Brussels, Belgium

INsig2 LTEC's mission is to create a cutting edge forum that addresses four core areas: digital evidence, forensic investigations, data analytics, and legal efficiencies. These disciplines are at the forefront of organizational thinking. INsig2 LTEC’s guiding philosophy is to embrace solutions to empower corporations, law firms, and government institutions to limit the potential exposure to legal, financial, and reputational risks and to increase overall competence around these topics. Delegates will be engaged throughout, with advanced topic presentations, panel discussions, and an array of latest solutions from credible exhibitors. This event strategically focuses on best practices and how they fit into upholding a high level educational structure. INsig2 LTEC has set out to provide relevant solutions and advice to all professionals interested in the future of law, technology, and analytics.

During INsig2 LTEC’s fourth annual event, INsig2’s forensic expert Jerko Burić will discuss the issues and challenges with which forensic investigators are faced when approaching Cloud examinations. In addition, he will discuss possible solutions to overcoming setbacks that arise during these types of investigations.

INsig2 will also be a moderator at a panel discussion on "The Lifecycle of Electronic Evidence - Have we finally got it right?"

We have created a special discount code LTEC-15-INSIG2 for our partners and clients. This discount code is worth 100 EUR If you register before 30th June, registration fee is EUR 190 and after is EUR 290.  

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