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INsig2 LawTech Europe

Zagreb, 04.09.2014. - INsig2, digital forensics company from Croatia, agreed five year partnership with the European conference LawTech Europe Congress, which will add this companies name into its title.

It is a conference which has been taking place in Prague since 2012 and covers topics like: digital evidence, forensic investigations, cyber security and law office technologies. With around 80 international lecturers from 21 countries, organizers expect around 580 participants this year, mostly from CEE region.

INsig2 will participate as an exhibitor and will conduct a comprehensive workshop about the ever-increasing need for digital evidence and digital forensic education for lawyers. During this workshop, INsig2 will demonstrate some case studies that clearly indicate that without understanding the nature and behaviour of digital evidence, it is not possible to be successful in court.

„During last two to three years, we have been expanding strongly on the international markets, and projects like the one for OLAF – European Commissions’ Anti Fraud Office – allowed us to be globally recognizable. We cooperate with the most eminent digital forensics service providers and continuously work on the global level. For example, we recently won the project of equipping one forensics laboratory in Oman. We want to continue conquering new markets, and this conference should help us with that. “ – said Goran Oparnica, CEO of INsig2.

„We are very satisfied with our partnership with INsig2. Our conference currently covers CEE region, but we have plans for spreading to Middle East and Russia. “ – said Frederick Gyebi-Abebio, conference director.


Frederick Gyebi-Ababio's invitation to INsig2 LTEC2014


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