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INsig2 on Information systems security counseling

ISSB Information Systems Security Bureau, December 10th 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia

Information Systems Security Bureau ISSB organized the Information systems security counseling, which was held in Antunović hotel in Zagreb. The conference was primarily dedicated to cyber security, i.e. elevating the level of defense against threats coming from cyber space. INsig2 expert, Davorka Foit, held a presentation on „Education – vital part of information systems security protection“, where she explained why the education of information security experts is crucial in order to achieve a satisfactory level of information security protection. The counseling was aimed for heads of state departments, local government units and regional governments, legal entities with public jurisdictions who use classified and non-classified data in their work, as well as for information security counselors, leaders and employees in organizational units in those departments and legal entities that deal with information security. The participants presented their companies, knowledge and competencies of their employees and services and solutions they offer in the field of cyber security. Some of the most interesting presentations were held by Faculty of organization and informatics and Information Systems Security Bureau representatives, who demonstrated how easy it is to breach systems and how important and necessary the protection of the mentioned is.