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INsig2 training in Kingdom of Bahrain

From 25th to 28th May 2015 in Manama

INsig2 forensics expert Damir Delija, E-crime specialist Esther George and Chair of the GPEN committee Han Moraal, visited Kingdom of Bahrain to give a training called "Training Course on Combating CyberCrime". Training was organized by Judicial and Legal Institute, Kingdom of Bahrain in cooperation with GPEN, Global Prosecutors E-Crime Network. 

Training, that had over 30 attendees from Gulf Council Countries (GCC), covered topics of digital  evidence, legal and technical aspects of digital evidence, networking technologies and international cooperation on cybercrime. Police officers, judges and prosecutors of GCC countries learned and understood how to use digital evidences from the Internet, mobile phones and computers.

For DT News Network Damir Delija, Technical Director of Digital Forensic Department in INsig2, said that finding trained people to work on cyber crime was the biggest challenge. „Providing just equipment and tools are not enough as it is every easy to destroy the evidence related to cyber crime. Therefore, you should know how to use the equipment to detect and prove cyber crimes. Only a trained person can do this job efficiently“.