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Kresimir Hausknecht and Jakob Vukalovic newly CFCE certified investigators in INsig2

Krešimir Hausknecht and Jakob Vukalović, from Digital Forensics Department in INsig2, have become holders of the CFCE certificate, issued by IACIS (International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists).

The CFCE (Certified Forensic Computer Examiner) certification program consists of a two stage process: peer review phase and certification testing. During the two stages, a candidate is required to demonstrate their knowledge of the CFCE core competencies and practical skills in digital forensics. In order to obtain the certificate, a candidate must successfully complete both stages. 

The peer review phase consists of the following elements:

  • Four (4) practical problems.
  • 30 days to complete each problem.
  • The candidate is assigned a coach who guides him through the problems learning points.
  • The candidate must pass all four problems to be eligible to enter the certification phase.

The certification phase consists of the following elements:

  • Hard drive practical problem – 40 days to complete.
  • Knowledge based objective exam – 14 days to complete.

Candidates must obtain a minimum score of 80% on the exam and practical to pass.

CFCE is a globally recognized certificate. It is one of the first certificates in this field and one of the most important certificates for any digital forensics specialist. Krešimir and Jakob successfully demonstrated their knowledge and were awarded the certificate. Together with Davorka Foit, they are the three employees of INsig2 that currently hold the CFCE certificate.

The International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS) is a certifying body in the field of computer/digital forensics, accredited by The Forensic Specialties Accreditation Board (FSAB).