SOLUTIONS / Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

INsig2 has a long term cooperation with different Ministries of the Interior in the field of digital forensics and protection of state borders.

Digital forensic investigations have become a key part of the investigation of each crime. Today's ICT technologies are present in every aspect of life. There is no communication between people without a digital trace (mobile phones, e-mails, text messages, IM, chats etc.). All these communication ways and technologies are used by all well-meaning people to perform everyday tasks, but they are also used by less well-meaning individuals to commit criminal works. Thus the police investigations on organized crime, terrorism, child pornography and other are impossible without the inclusion of digital forensics.

Development path of experienced digital forensic investigator is neither short nor easy. Different operating systems and platforms, especially in the world of mobile phones with their many versions and applications running on mobile phones represent a true encyclopedia of knowledge that digital forensic investigator must know how to cope with in demanding investigations.

There is an additional challenge of equipping the digital forensic labs that should enable fast and efficient processing of large volumes of information form seized media. Usage of specialized forensic work site, tools and servers with high throughput is a must have.