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Lecture “Privacy in cyberspace - true or myth” on ERA

ERA Academy of European Law held a two-day seminar in Zagreb

This project, sponsored by the European Commission, consists of six seminars to take place in Zagreb, Madrid, Athens, Trier, Prague and Tallinn. First one, under the theme “The Life Cycle of e-Evidence”, was held on March 7th and 8th 2017. This conference aims to promote advanced knowledge and the exchange of experience and best practice between judges, prosecutors and lawyers in private practice who deal with criminal proceedings involving e-evidence. This will improve participants' knowledge of the strategies and techniques used in different European countries and contribute to cross-border cooperation among Member States’ authorities.
INsig2 often actively participate in conferences organized by ERA. This time, a lecture “Privacy in cyberspace - true or myth” was held by INsig2 Director, Mr. Goran Oparnica.