INsig2 offers its own solutions through implementation and integration of security systems such as access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion detection, perimeter protection, and the completion of the integration phase begins maintenance phase.

Maintenance can be defined as a set of components integrated into one system and as a set of actions that enable a correct and optimal operation of the device and the whole system. There is no system that is independent of maintenance.

Optimal work and lifetime of the whole are subject and are defined by approach to maintenance. In this sense, it can be sad that it is an important factor in maintaining long-term and proper functioning of the system as a whole.

INsig2 is a company with years of experience in maintaining highly demanding systems. With its knowledge and experience we ensure safe and optimal operation of different systems.

We have developed our own network of maintenance which can be divided into five categories:


Preventive maintance

Preventive maintenance includes monitoring and adjusting the operation of all system components.


Corrective maintenance

Corrective maintenance involves generating an immediate solution to the source of system downtime caused by a failure or error in the system.


Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive maintenance includes changes to the functionality of the system developed for specific customer needs.


Customer support

Customer support involves assisting and advising customers in the daily use of system components.


Technological upgrading

Technological development involves upgrading the software components of the system how the manufacturer submits them to the market in a manner that suits the needs and capabilities of users.