SOLUTIONS / Pharmacy


The fact is that there is no vertical market exposed to such great security challenges such as the pharmaceutical sector.

Threats are coming from all sides, starting from industrial espionage, counterfeiting of products up to organized crime and international terrorism.

Security systems designed for implementation in the pharmaceutical sector must address a wide range of security scenarios. Enormous investments in research and development can disappear overnight in case of leakage of invaluable research results. Furthermore, many global and local standards such as those prescribed by the FDA or DHS, which regulate the work of pharmaceutical companies, further affect the complexity of the system to physical security and information security systems.

Presence of other global pharmaceutical companies is also not favorable. Linking security systems in a secure manner in a single functional unit is not an easy task.

Choosing an experienced security consultants as well as right solutions based on modern ICT technologies, will certainly tip the balance in pharmaceutical sector environment.