Real time data protection

mEDR (managed Endpoint Detection & Response)

enSilo is a Real-time data-protection platform against advanced targeted attacks, first on the market that includes Enhanced (NGAV) malware protection / EPP capability + automated remediation (EDR). The idea behind it is that threat actors cannot be prevented from infiltrating networks so it focuses on preventing the exfiltration and ransoming of critical data.

Unique virtual patching technique - only blocks malicious outbound communications, enables employees to continue working as usual even when their devices are infected. enSilo becomes the last line of defense in case of a data exfiltration attempt. All malicious connections are blocked and precise details of the infected devices and their associated components are available for your review.

enSilo is a software-only solution that can be installed with your current standard equipment. enSilo protects your data from exfiltration both On-Premises and Off-Premises. Also, it gathers OS stack data, thread and process related data and conducts executable file analysis to determine the nature of the connection.

enSilo provides visibility into any communicating application in your organization, enabling you to control which applications can communicate outside of the organization. The system automatically maps all applications in your network that communicate externally.

The services we offer with the product itself:

  • Implementation (cloud, on premise, hybrid)
  • Integration assistance with already installed solutions
  • Administrator training
  • First level tech support
  • Security Awareness Training


                                   Frictionless security – keep on working while remediating