Talino is a hardware product line from USA based company SUMURI. SUMURI was established by two law enforcement veterans with the goal to answer the needs of their colleagues and create a forensic investigation workstation that is extremely fast, not overpriced and offers top of the market service. 

TALINO’s products are expertly designed by forensic examiners for forensic examiners, accompanied with extremely high quality and performance, equipped with state-of-the art hardware and latest software offered in the world of forensics.

We offer several different workstations and laptops, which are uniquely designed and prepared for each client. Workstations with unbeatable price and unrivaled performance are:

  • TALINO Forensic Workstation
  • TALINO Cryptanalysis Workstation
  • TALINO eDiscovery & Incident Response Workstation
  • TALINO Forensic Laptop

Each and every workstation is tailor-made to meet client’s requirements. Just to mention some of features; the latest generation of Intel Core i7 processors, up to 128GB of RAM (DDR4), dedicated RAID controllers in all systems, extremely powerful NVIDIA graphics card, all interconnected for the fastest and most reliable performance. All systems are burned in for a minimum of 72 hours and run through Five separate benchmarks to prevent and minimize interruptions.

TALINO laptop is the fastest portable Forensic Workstation specifically designed to complete any given assignment. This laptop is equipped with full sized desktop processor (the Intel 6700K 4.0GHz). And that is just the beginning.

Along with superior hardware, we offer accompanied software:

  • RECON for MAC OS X
  • PALADIN Forensic Suite

The Paladin Toolbox combines the power of several court-tested Open Source forensic tools into a simple interface that can be used by anyone. With the PALADIN Toolbox a user can easily and quickly TRIAGE – SEARCH – IMAGE and more!