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Technical Protection

Regardless of technical protection segment in question, INsig2 implements solutions which are based on modern information and telecommunication technologies while keeping overall functional integration.

Provided solutions shall enable management and surveillance of stated systems. Usage of systems based on information and telecommunication technologies allows users to have unique and centralized management of all aspects of organization security, either on physically closer or more distant locations in the system. Utilization of ICT technologies in technical protection systems results in more secure business operation and significantly decreases costs of security system introduction.
INsig2’s solutions are based on the world leading integrated security software system OnGuard. OnGuard is a security platform developed by the US company Lenel Systems International, Inc
INsig2 experts are able to implement OnGuard software within already incorporated software and hardware, even if these are varied devices. Integration is preformed based on existing modules or by developing new modules. If an initial security system does not exist, INsig2 shall develop a completely new solution.
Active Analysis for Total Control
INsig2’s integrated security systems use all the advantages gained from information technologies in order to analyse digital video image and suggest further steps to the user based on active analysis of recorded material. System administrator is able to select an event that might interest him/her and to perform full control of monitoring, analysis or search. This security system can be set-up with the intelligent movement analysis so that it warns the user if, for example, a car or a person is moving in wrong direction. The system is also able to detect object in certain colours or forms.