Title: FTK & LAB - the latest developments in fast, reliable and collaborative forensic investigations


Time: 11:30 - 13:10

Hall: Opatija/Pula, first floor


Summary: The workshop will commence with a discussion around attendee background, knowledge level and typical cases. First will be presented a short presentation of FTK™ and AD Lab Solutions.  This will be followed by an AD Lab deep dive demo.  There will be a basic FTK overview session with a practical demonstration using in-class machines to examine: visualization social analysis, file analysis, email analysis, internet analysis and basic keyword searches.  The workshop will conclude with a FTK new features review, discussing newly released and upcoming functionalities in context of the attendees work.    


Speaker:  Nitin Aggarwal, Director Technical Sales Engineering Access Data, UK
Nitin has 16 years’ experience in Cyber Security & 13 years as Pre-sales consultant mainly in Digital Forensics, Network Forensics, Endpoint Malware Detection & Remediation (EDR).


Title: New features in Oxygen Forensic® Detective


Time: 14:30 - 17:00

Hall: Opatija/Pula, first floor


Summary: Oxygen Forensic® Detective is all-in-one forensic software to extract and analyze data from multiple sources: mobile devices, their backups, media and SIM cards, cloud services and call data records. Leading edge technologies deployed by Oxygen Forensics allow forensic experts to bypass screen lock passcodes, locate passwords to backups, extract data from encrypted applications and recover deleted information. Mobile device, cloud and CDR extractions are merged together in a single intuitive GUI with rich analytical capabilities: determine common locations and contacts for several devices, view all events in a chronological order and much more.
In the workshop we will show the new functionality as well as the most advanced features added previously:

  • How extract data from mobile devices as well as their backups, media and SIM cards.
  • How to deal with passcodes and backup encryption.
  • How to find login/password information or tokens in mobile devices or on computer.
  • How to acquire data from cloud storages.
  • How to analyze social links, view timeline and search data by keywords.
  • How to find frequently visited places, common locations and build routes.
  • How to generate data reports with the redesigned Export Engine. 


Speaker: Tatiana Pankova, Marketing Director, Oxygen Forensics, USA

In the year 2006 joined Oxygen Forensics as tech support member and gaining knowledge and experience made her way from a tech support manager through a data mining specialist to a marketing manager. Tatiana Pankova is experienced in team management, product quality assurance and deep data analysis.