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Regional scientific and professional counseling ZITEH 2016

Once again INsig2 has participated in ZITEH ’16 in Belgrade, regional scientific-technical counseling on 3rd of June 2016, organized by information technology court experts association “IT VEŠTAK”. The topic of the counseling was “Information technology misuse and protection”. The purpose of the counseling was gaining and exchanging knowledge of ways and possibilities of recognizing, preventing, proving and sanctioning misuse in information and communication technologies and educating public with gained experience and potential danger from information technology misuse. Topics regarding cyber crime, security demands, ransomware, cyber terrorism were presented. Our representatives were Savina Gruičić and Jerko Burić with topics “Windows 10 Forensics” and “Deep Web”.

Windows 10 forensics - With the arrival of every new operating system, specific changes in regard to previous versions occur and new challenges in digital forensics arise. The purpose of the lecture was to give an overview of Windows 10 forensics, with the main focus on new features of the mentioned operating system and the belonging artefacts, such as Cortana (new personal digital assistant), Windows Store, Notification centre and Edge Internet browser which replaced Internet Explorer.

Deep Web - The layers of the Internet go far beyond than it seems at first. Deep web is a hidden and non-indexed part of World Wide Web, which is inaccessible by common web browsers and their search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. The term "Deep web" first appeared in 2000 by a computer expert Mike Bergman, and since then, interest in this concept and this uncharted territory of worldwide network grows unstoppably. This paper has showed some basic terms and access points to the Deep Web and Dark Web, as well as statistics and threats that a user can be faced with.