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ZITEH 2014

Regional scientific and professional counseling ZITEH 2014

This years conference ZITEH '14 - Misuse of information technology and security, was held on 13th of June 2014. in the great hall of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, organized by the Association of Court Experts for information technologies. 
Under the slogan "Knowledge against misuse of knowledge", the conference participants had intended to draw attention to various forms of cyber crime and ways of protection.
Mr. Slobodan Petrovic, president of the Programming Committee ZITEH's in his opening speech, after welcoming the participants, thanked the Company INsig2, which is a gold sponsor of this event.
According to Mr. Petrovic, the number of Internet users in March 2014 totaled around 3 billion (40.7% of world population). If one takes into account that each of them is subject to information theft, breach of privacy and electronic fraud, it is clear that this is a verry current theme. In support of this claim, only in the United States in the past year, there has been an increase citizens' complaints on cyber crime by as much as 48.8%.
During the conference there were 26 lectures from different countries and organizations, including the presentations from INsig2 employees, which on this occasion specially arrived from Zagreb. Davorka Foit presented and explained hidden signatures in online photographs that could assist in locating and apprehending pedophiles while Kresimir Hausknecht talked about acquisition and analysis of computer memory.


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